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A tribute or service rendered to a feudal lord on the death of a tenant.

[Middle English, from Old English heregeatu : here, army; see koro- in Indo-European roots + geatwe, equipment, arms.]


(Historical Terms) (in medieval England) a death duty paid by villeins and free tenants to their lord, often consisting of the dead man's best beast or chattel
[Old English heregeatwa, from here army + geatwa equipment]
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Monro slotted the crucial conversion for a two-score buffer and later added a stoppage- time penalty to give Heriots a flattering winning margin.
The evening produced a dramatic head-to-head between the Eaglesham team and TV angling personality Paul Young's club, Heriots.
Like Gordon, Colin Rioch of Heriots also landed seven trout, but they weighed in at 20oz less.
HERIOTS swept to a second successive BT Scotland Premiership title in great style.
But Heriots came back with a brace of tries from Charlie Keenan to run out 41-26 winners
HERIOTS went on a try-spree at Bridgehaugh to capture their first Tennent's Premiership title for 20 years - and dedicated the glory to No1 fan Eric Mentiplay.
Pool B: Heriots FP v Nottingham, Neath v Bristol Rugby, Coventry v Munster.
In the second half, Heriots were in control, and ran in tries through Gilmour (2) and Donald Fowler, with Ross converting one.
HERIOTS went on a try-spree to capture their first Premiership title in 20 years - and dedicated it to No.
HERIOTS were last night celebrating their first major championship for 20 years after demolishing the team that knocked them out the Velvet Cup last week.
Mike Allingham top scored with 35 to steer Heriots to victory against Aberdeenshire.
KELSO coach Bruce Rutherford suffered heartache for the third time in a week - as Heriots romped to glory.