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 (hîr′ēz, -ēs)
A durable, finely woven Persian rug typically having a large central, often diamond-shaped medallion design with intricate background decoration.

[Alteration of Heris, a town of Iran.]
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6 | This stunning antique Armenian Serapi rug was made circa 1790-1820 in the Heriz area of Persia.
A complete optical illusion, the Heriz rug, designed by Valerio Sommella for Moooi Carpets, is digitally printed with 16 colors to resemble richly plush fur.
Hand knotted of wool, this one-of-a-kind antique Heriz rug reveals the influence of Persian art and architecture.
Sept brigades de controle economique ont ete mobilisees durant le premier jour du mois de ramadan dans les les differents espaces de commerce dans gouvernorat de Bizerte, a indique le directeur regional du commerce Mohamed Jaber Heriz.
The plaintiff, James Tufenkian, developed his "Floral Heriz" design by combining two rugs in the public domain, the "Battilossi" (a Persian antique) and the "Blau" carpet (an Indian Agra).
En Felix San Vicente, Ana Lourdes de Heriz y Maria Enriqueta Perez Vazquez (eds.).
Broadhurst points to the silk market, which encompasses 'carpets from Turkey (early 20th-century Koum Kapi, particularly signed by a master weaver) but also top quality Persian silk rugs and carpets from Tabriz and Heriz' and early Caucasian carpets from the 18th century.
New York, NY, January 13, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Antique Persian Heriz Serapi and Bakshaish rugs are the perfect mix of trendy and timeless for home decorating in 2015.
Tak, Roberti, and Recaro for furnishing aircraft, and Tally, Roper Middle East, Heriz Kolzer, Kokors Telecom, T Chatani & Ko and many others are among the most prominent multinational companies registered at DAFZA.
The Claxton family were of Norman origin, originally named Heriz. Claxton was razed to the ground by Robert de Brus.
El mismo archivo nos proporciona otras fechas que se circunscriben a esta horquilla que define la etapa originaria, 1554 (ARChV, PPCC,C 1464/1, L 256) y 1556 (ARChV, PPCC,C 120/3, L 23); mientras dos archivos familiares nos ofrecen mas testimonios de esta etapa, relativos a los anos 1557 (Archivo de la Casa de Heriz, legajo 2, no.
Translated by Spanish illustrator and children's book author Enrique De Heriz, the book was released in 1992 by the Spanish press Editorial B.