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Noun1.Hermann Goring - German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946)Hermann Goring - German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946)
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A GOLD ring decorated with a swastika that Adolf Hitler gave to Hermann Goring is expected to make PS8,000 at auction.
The Wehrmacht was additionally weakened by a struggle from within its own ranks in the form of competition from the independent Luftwaffe branch under the command of Hermann Goring. By 1939 the Luftwaffe was, as Muller points out, the strongest air force in the world at least in terms of numbers, and Goring wanted field troops to supplement his aircraft.
One of the early appropriations, Vincent Cosgrove's The Hemingway Papers (1983), takes readers back to the lost manuscripts of December 1922, when Ernest finds himself mixing it up with Hermann Goring and other proto-Nazi agents in Paris.
Van Meegeren's artistic duplicity might never have come to light except that in the aftermath of the Second World War he was accused by the Dutch authorities of collaboration with the Nazis, specifically of selling a Vermeer to the Third Reich's Hermann Goring. If convicted, he would have faced the death penalty.
In Namibia the feisty, smart and sassy lady returns to tackle the bizarre sighting of Reichsmarshall Hermann Goring (supposedly deceased four years previously when he committed suicide during the Nuremberg Trials).
It really is inappropriate to turn up for your first day as headmaster dressed as Hermann Goring. AQUARIUS AS the saying goes, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
Battle of Britain ace Eric Lock, a Spitfire superstar, was the scourge of Hermann Goring's flying force, with 26 "kills" to his name.
Kesselring had the full agreement of Generaloberst Hermann Goring, the corpulent, vainglorious leader of the Luftwaffe.
So, news of the death of this seemingly invincible man - who also witnesses the liberation of Bergen Belsen, interrogated Hermann Goring, plundered German air treasure and sang with Glenn Miller's band - was hard to bear before the fruits of their labour were complete.
They use whatever means necessary to cross Germany--subduing Nazi soldiers to take their uniforms for use as disguises, sneaking aboard the private railroad car of Adolf Hitler's deputy Hermann Goring for a trip to Berlin, and generally dealing in the kind of derring-do that requires some willing suspension of disbelief from the audience.
Hermann Goring gave written authorisation to Heydrich to submit plans for, "a total solution to the Jewish question," in territories under German control.
Hopefully, however, they will not really believe that Jack Pickersgill at the age of 52 looked "like a young Hermann Goring," especially considering that the real Goring died at 53.