Hermann von Helmholtz

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Noun1.Hermann von Helmholtz - German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894)Hermann von Helmholtz - German physiologist and physicist (1821-1894)
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The editor has organized the thirty-three contributions that make up the main body of the text in four parts devoted to the beginnings of the resurgence as shown in the writings of Hermann Von Helmholtz, Otto Liebmann, Friedrich Albert Lange, and Rudolf Hermann Lotze, the Marburg School, the Southwest School, and responses and critiques.
This book combines analysis of the scientific work of German physician and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz (1821-1894) with exploration of its neo-Kantian philosophical background in order to proffer a new interpretation of Helmholtz's work in geometry.
He points in particular to the "empathy theorists" Vischer and Wolfflin and to the work of the physicist Hermann von Helmholtz, contending that Crary unfairly dismisses Helmholtz as a "normalizing" figure who "conceals" the reality of the ongoing autonomization project (which is also what Crary would say about Menzel, Fried predicts).