Hermetic books

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Books of the Egyptians, which treat of astrology.
Books which treat of universal principles, of the nature and orders of celestial beings, of medicine, and other topics.

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On the links between Hartlib's collection of hermetic books and the utopian politics of the English Commonwealth, see Stephen Clvcas, "Samuel Hartlib's Ephemerides, 1635-59, and the Pursuit of Scientific and Philosophical Manuscripts: the Religious Ethos of an Intelligencer," Seventeenth Century 6.1 (1991): 33-55.
Manetho, the Graeco-Egyptian historian who lived in the middle of the third century B.C., reported the Hermetic Books totaled 36,525 volumes, a number symbolically linked with the length of the solar year and with a legendary chronology of Egyptian history.
Actually the Hermetic books were composed by a group of teachers who lived in Alexandria in the first two centuries bc or ad; they were a composite of Egyptian magical writings, Jewish mysticism, and Platonism.