Hermit warbler

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(Zool.) a California wood warbler (Dendroica occidentalis), having the head yellow, the throat black, and the back gray, with black streaks.

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nubilum: Grasshopper sparrow, Ammodramus savanarum (Gmelin); Verdin, Auriparus flaviceps (Sundevall); Cactus wren, Camphylorhynchus brunneycapilus (Lafresnaye); Canyon wren, Catherpes mexicanus (Swainson); Hermit warbler, Dendroica occidentalis (Towsend); Scott's oriole, Icterusparisorum Bonaparte; Loggerhead shrike, Lanius ludovicianus L.
Other migratory birds known to frequent traditional coffee farms include the ovenbird, wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, ruby-throated and buff-bellied hummingbirds, swallow-tailed kite, Kentucky warbler, hermit warbler, painted bunting, greater pewee, chuck-will's-widow and short-tailed hawk.
McKENZIE BRIDGE - It's a faint sound at first, a quick trill of notes followed by a buzzing higher note: the sound of a hermit warbler, a smallish, yellow-headed songbird that makes its home in the canopy of mature Douglas fir stands.