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It will service the multiple mines including Hernshaw, Cedar Grove and Highland surface mines and the Aracoma deep mines.
I often pulld my hat over my eyes to watch the rising of the lark or to see the hawk hang in the summer sky & the kite take its circle round the wood I often lingered a minute on the woodland stile to hear the woodpigeons clapping their wings among the dark oaks I hunted curious flowers in rapture & muttered thoughts in their praise I lovd the pasture with its rushes & thistles & sheep tracks I adored the wild marshy fen with its solitary hernshaw sweeing [heron swinging] along in its mellancholy sky I wandered the heath in raptures among the rabbit burrows & golden blossomd furze I dropt down on the thymy molehill or mossy eminence to survey the summer landscape as full of rapture as now
Holmes Safety Association presented awards to Aracoma Coal Company's Hernshaw Mine and Elk Run Coal Company's Logan's Fork Mine based on their outstanding safety records during 2008.
In qualifying for the awards, Aracoma's Hernshaw Mine worked more than 115,000 hours without a lost time accident in 2008, among other safety achievements.
Aracoma's Hernshaw Mine and Elk Run's Logan's Fork Mine received the Mountaineer Guardian Award at a luncheon in conjunction with the annual West Virginia Mining Symposium on Feb.
Aracoma Coal Company president John Jones said, "The members at our Hernshaw Mine have earned and deserve this recognition.
The federal mine safety agency will formally present Pacesetter Awards to the Green Valley plant and Aracoma's Alma Mine and Hernshaw Mine at a May 9 ceremony at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV.
Alpha will acquire Arch's Mountaineer deep mine and Hernshaw B-1 contract deep mine, which together produce about one million tons per year of high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal.