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n.1.(Jewish Hist.) One of a party among the Jews, composed of partisans of Herod of Galilee. They joined with the Pharisees against Christ.
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Fragment #25 -- Herodian (24) in Etymologicum Magnum, p.
Christ answered the Herodians according to their condition.
However, the Herodian palace, under full PA control, is exposed to all manner of desecration and destruction.
Among the authors whose work he considers are Apollodoros, Clement of Alexandria, Herodian, Pausanias, Philodemos, Strabo, and Virgil.
For example, a lamp from the Herodian period may have lit a home during the time of Jesus and a clay pot from the post-Crusades period could have played a role in quenching the thirst of one of Salah Al Deen's men.
Ceramics are generally in the Herodian style, and the coins date from the time of Herod until 68/69 C.
The tumultuous political atmosphere of Judaea under Imperial Rome combined with the corrupting influence of the Herodian Dynasty left the majority of the public unsatisfied, to say the least.
The Herodian Temple is not only the central institution of the nation in east Jerusalem; it is also the central bank--where all the records of indebtedness are kept
As dusk fell onto Sultan's Pool amphitheatre, the venue began to overflownot with the Herodian waters of antiquity, but with producers, directors, actors, and thousands of cinephiles, who had assembled in the the valley beneath the Old City for the opening night ceremony of the 33rd Jerusalem Film Festival.
During the Herodian period, the first theaters, amphitheaters, and hippodromes were built in Caesarea and Jerusalem.
In this process, the Authority has cooperated with the government by agreeing both to the erection of a small prayer platform for the WoW, as well as to the allocation of the Herodian Road for prayer, as long as it does not disturb the visitors at the place.
Deftly plotted, the action moves swiftly and smoothly, ranging from the Judaean desert of the West Bank to the Herodian remains of Caesarea to Lake Tiberius.