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Noun1.epic poetry - poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero
poesy, poetry, verse - literature in metrical form
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He explained that the Saudi regime is silent on the size of human losses on various fronts, including in Asir, Najran and Jizan provinces."The people of our people, headed by members of the military establishment of the army and the popular forces, are making a historic heroic epic in defense of national sovereignty," he said.
For his part, the Algerian Minister of the Interior, Noureddine Bedoui, stressed the bonds of fraternity and solidarity between Tunisia and Algeria, indicating that the massacre of Sakiet Sidi Youssef will go down in history as a lesson in courage and a heroic epic of the two brother peoples.
"Kitabi-Dede Gorgud", "Koroglu", "Kachag Nabi", "Kachag Kerem", "Sattarkhan" and other works are examples of the heroic epic.
Classicists and scholars of literature during later periods explore the variety of ways that heroic epic narratives--mostly Homer of course, but others as well--have been continued in the Greco-Roman and Western classical traditions through prequels, sequels, and retellings down to the present age.
"Manas-Kyrgyz Heroic Epic collection of professor Beksultan Jakiyev is being widely discussed on the social media lately.
Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth isn't a grand heroic epic, but it succeeds as a vehicle for frequent punch lines and entertaining wackiness.
"We look forward at this achievement with admiration and appreciation as our champions have written a wonderful heroic epic among the strongest runners of the world and surpassed several giant countries in sports, which reflects on the solid base of runners thanks to the support of the wise leadership, HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and all the members of the Association's Board of Directors.", he added.
Through his detailed reading of the epic Kudrun and of Gottfried von Strassburg's romance Tristan, both from the thirteenth century, Koch examines the various narrative elements and their relationship to the heroic epic, Christianity, or the courtly romance and how they overlap.
She also noted that the Bureau is seeking to name some of Kuwait's streets after the martyrs, indicating that there are endeavors to put a memorial at the Shuhada Street to remind Kuwaiti people of the heroic epic. Arrangements are underway for the August 2nd to mark the Iraqi invasion's anniversary, she said, noting that the Ministry of Information will share the Bureau's preparations for this occasion, describing it as the "day of challenge and steadfastness".
"Once again, the Lebanese army has triumphed a heroic epic, a thing which emphasizes its ability, along with the legitimate security forces, to protect the borders of Lebanon from repeated terrorist attacks," the Minister said in a statement, saluting the Army which "has proven once again its ability to preserve and protect the inside of the country." Shabtini added that "it has become necessary for the Council of Ministers and stakeholders to convene in a special session to discuss the issue of speeding up the process of equipping the army and the steps required to achieve this, especially as the physical capabilities are available and unannounced." R.H.
works, into seven parts, each of which is prefaced with a quotation from an ancient Welsh heroic epic, Y Gododdin, which commemorates the destruction of a 300-man raiding One of his most famous works, In Parenthesis, is divided into seven parts, each of which is prefaced with a quotation from an ancient Welsh heroic epic, Y Gododdin, which commemorates the destruction of a 300-man raiding party by the English at the battle of Catraeth.