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 (hĕr′ən-fōk′, -fôlk′)
A master race.

[German : Herren, genitive pl. of Herr, master; see Herr + Volk, people, nation; see volkslied.]


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) See master race

mas′ter race`

a race, people, or nation whose members consider themselves superior to members of other groups.


A German word meaning master race.
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Noun1.herrenvolk - a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the othersHerrenvolk - a race that considers itself superior to all others and fitted to rule the others
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
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The Nazis had it in their master-race (Herrenrasse), master people (Herrenvolk) and master human (Herrenmenschen) actions and rhetorics, but in the end what came out of that adventure?
(37) Between the time of the original performance of the pageant in New York City in March 1943 and its subsequent July 23 reenactment at the Hollywood Bowl, the film composer Franz Waxman, who conducted the LA Symphony at the West Coast performance, added new music for "The Battle of Warsaw" and the song "Battle Hymn of the Ghetto." (38) While the Germans destroyed the last remaining Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, the "Battle Hymn of the Ghetto" declared that today in the ghetto the song of the Jewish ghosts remained; a voice calls out to the "herrenvolk," the "swine-hearted Germans": What is it you hear in the ghetto today?
Many scholars deny its democratic nature, arguing that it is closer to ethnocracy or the Herrenvolk system.
(35) Out of the Herrenvolk democracy of apartheid South Africa, Krotoszynski writes, came a fierce commitment to dignity.
the first on 29 July entitled "Hangdog Herrenvolk" and the
The Godzone might have been a social laboratory for white settlers; for Maori it was a colonial project; for the Chinese it was a Herrenvolk state.
It would provide them with an old age free of worry, worthy of the master race ("Herrenvolk").
I want to believe Temporada Ano Nombre Capitulo 4 1996 Herrenvolk 4 1996 Home 4 1996 Teliko 4 1996 Unruhe 4 1996 The Field Where I Died 4 1996 Sanguinarium 4 1996 Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man 4 1996 Tunguska 4 1996 Terma 4 1996 Paper Hearts 4 1997 The world turns 4 1997 Leonard Betts 4 1997 Never Again 4 1997 Memento Mori 4 1997 Kaddish 4 1997 Unrequited 4 1997 Tempus Fugit 4 1997 Max 4 1997 Synchrony 4 1997 Small Potatoes 4 1997 Zero Sum 4 1997 Elegy 4 1997 Demons 4 1997 Gethsemane Fuente: elaboracion propia Tabla 5.
It is this same force of necessity that would establish North America as an essentially white Herrenvolk polity, one driven by manifest destiny.
Moreover, the Chinese are more than nationalistic; they are a people for whom the concept of Herrenvolk [master race] is not some passing and malign idiosyncrasy, but a defining condition of identity.
But Connelly informs the reader that a closer examination of Schmidt's writings indicates that he not only held the same assumptions as the Nazis about race, but also assumed that "Germans were the master race (Herrenvolk) in Europe and that Jews were a foreign race bearing markings of a historic crime, the killing of Christ"(17).
Aktueel Suid-Afrikaans is die uitbeelding van Troos se familie as samesweerders verbonde aan die sogenaamde Brits-Israel-beweging wat onwrikbaar glo in die Afrikanervolk as "Herrenvolk" (220).