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Noun1.Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy
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'If you memorize it now, I will give you 1 Hershey bar or a ChocNut package.'
MacDonald thinks of a piece of Hershey bar he dropped in the woods once on a camping trip, and how the ants were all over it before he finished lacing his boot.
One was making a really cool thing with a sled and candy canes, putting the Hershey bar right on it as the part of the sled.
When a layperson thinks of, say, a Hershey bar or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, he or she can probably picture the candy's distinctive shape (well, if they are candy hipsters like this writer they can).
We were airborne in a rented Piper Arrow II--the kind with the "Hershey bar" wings--headed back home.
Barbecue sliders, delicious and easy slaw, and yummy Hershey bar brownies will certainly make everyone happy.
And in Milan, Moschino's dresses were like Hershey Bar wrappers, Budweiser beer labels and even McDonald's staff uniforms.
In a move that would change chocolate in America forever, Milton Hershey became the first American to manufacture milk chocolate and launched the Hershey bar in 1900.
For more perspective, a Hershey bar was 5 cents in 1963, and I paid $1.09 for one today.
I nervously munched on a Hershey bar as the race car event came to a.
"Every now and then I would try to get a little bitty piece of Hershey bar to stick into my mouth and keep talking.
But after fruitless inquiries to the press desk and the general convention information deskand having consumed a Hershey bar and bag of potato chipsI began to worry.