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Noun1.Hershey bar - a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company
chocolate bar - a bar of chocolate candy
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Stories about the practice mention chocolate-scented strips placed on vending machines in California that caused the sales of Hershey bars to triple, a grocery store in New York whose bakery sales spiked whenever the scent of fresh-baked bread was pumped through the aisles, and the use of a variety of hidden scent machines throughout Disney properties to encourage spending.
Inside they had home comforts from America flown over, including their favourite Hershey bars and extra cheesy pizzas.
Last year, he said Hershey bars were the intended incentive. 
Sales of Hershey bars, bags and boxes of chocolates of 3.5 ounces or more rose 25.6%, according to IRI.
Although my father's diaries did not mention Coke (plenty of mentions of Hershey bars, though), it was definitely a cause to celebrate.
Lining up the loot in order of preference: Hershey Bars, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Milky Ways, Nestle Crunches, Tootsie Rolls.
She had to eat high-calorie meals and snacks such as Hershey bars and macaroni salad.
They would give us Juicy Fruit chewing gum, sweets, chocolate Hershey bars, fruit and household items.
At one point, the young Corso took the ferry to New Orleans and came back with a box of prized Hershey bars. But rather than enjoy the chocolate himself, he rode his bike around North Biloxi selling them to high school students and grocery stores in the area that is now D'Iberville.
Day 1 "We're going to die," shouts Mac, After reason fails, Louie silences Mac with a backhand to the face, Inventory is taken, Only nine items: a flare gun with only a handful flares, a signaling mirror, a dye marker, a fishing kit, two air pumps in canvas cases, a patching kit, a pair of pliers, eight half-pints of water, and six thick, high calorie, melt-resistant, bitter chocolate Hershey bars.
After the parade, I settle down at our table and check out the USA-themed decor--a painted crate centerpiece housing a plethora of daisies and ornamented with two hourglass-shaped Budweiser beer cans, Hershey bars and peanuts.
"We face an appalling choice of succumbing either to Kraft, makers of the plastic flaps of orange cheese, or to Hershey, whose Hershey bars have been likened in flavour by independent experts to a mixture of soap powder and baby vomit," harrumphed Boris.