n.1.A heart.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Having been beaten and forced to flee, Antony finds the loss of his honour remedied in taking his own life as he "rof hymself anon thourghout the herte" (661).
Alas, for sorwe myn herte both blede (37.25-29) In its appeal to the "sorwe" in her injured heart, Magdalene's lament for Christ echoes the one for her brother.
9, he describes divine "bounty" or grace as pitching his tent in the Virgin's heart, almost as if the heart is the tent within which he dwells: "Bountee so fix hath in thin herte his tente/That wel I wot thou wolt my socour be" (ll.
18), or when D records "and pe mende for hym euermore he dwellyng fresch in my herte" (fol.
For on thyng/ay/his herte gan constreyn, (Siege of Thebes, p.
Also they ben ordeynyd to steryn mannys affeccioun and his herte to devocioun, ...
heuy purs with herte liberal/ Qwenchith the thirsty hete of hertes drie, /Wher chynchy herte hath therof but small" (134-36).
KARACHI -- The 36th edition Friendship House Chess Tournament will be held herte at the Russain Cultural Centre from Friday with top 40 players in the fray, Chief Organizer and International Master Shahzad Mirza announced on Thursday.