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Adj.1.Hertzian - of or relating to the physicist Heinrich Hertz or his work; "Hertzian discoveries"
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Consequently, classic Hertzian contact mechanics theory was used for the case without Fujifilm (Figure 1(a)).
According to Tesla himself, he discovered a new type of electromagnetic waves more than a century ago, and called them non-Hertzian waves in order to differentiate them from conventional, so-called Hertzian electromagnetic waves [31].
By means of "Hertzian waves," as radio waves were initially known, ships could now make contact with other ships (saving lives, such as on the doomed R.M.S.
Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 where telegraph is defined as "any appliance, instrument, material or apparatus used or capable of use for transmission or reception of signs, signals, writing, images, and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wire, visual or other electromagnetic emissions, Radio waves or Hertzian waves, galvanic, electric or magnetic means", The Civil Procedure Code 1908, 'telecommunication service' under Section 2(k) of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997 which covers "service of any description", Information Technology Act of 2000, specifically sections 43, 65, 66 and 72, of the act that deal with penalizing against breach and misuse of data in India.
At Hertzian contact between a ball and a coated rail, semielliptic pressure distribution is observed.
Here a Hertzian (small) dipole with dipole moment p directed to positive X axis, at altitude xo above the infinite, flat and lossy ground, radiates time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) waves at angular frequency [omega] = 2[pi]f Here the relative complex permittivity of the ground is [[epsilon]'.sub.r] = [epsilon]'/[[epsilon].sub.0] = [[epsilon].sub.r] + i[sigma]/[omega][[epsilon].sub.0], a being the ground conductivity, f the frequency of radiation and [[epsilon].sub.0] = 8,854 x [10.sup.-12] F/m is the absolute permittivity in vacuum or air.
Nonlinear vibration of rectangular atomic force microscope cantilevers by considering the Hertzian contact theory, Canadian Journal of Physics 88(5): 333-348.
Where [[delta].sub.r] is the spring deformation, K is the load--deformation factor or Hertzian elastic contact deformation constant, and n is the load - deformation exponent which is: 3/2 for ball bearings and 10/9 for roller bearings.
In so doing, Tesla actually exhausted himself, focusing on multiple problems at once, a factor that may have contributed to Marconi besting him in the use of Hertzian waves for radio purposes.
Evci and Gulgeg [5] investigated the impact damage growth and determined the Hertzian failure and maximum force thresholds in three different types of composites namely unidirectional E-Glass, woven E-Glass and woven Aramid composite.