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or Her·ce·go·vi·na  (hĕrt′sə-gō′vē-nə, -gō-vē′-, hûrt′-)
A region constituting the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Largely independent after the 10th century, it was conquered by Bosnia in the 14th century and (with Bosnia) by Turkey in the 15th century. Bosnia and Herzegovina formed a constituent republic of Yugoslavia from 1946 to 1991.

Her′ze·go·vi′ni·an adj. & n.
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(ˌhɜːtsəɡəʊˈviːnə) or


(Placename) a region in Bosnia-Herzegovina: originally under Austro-Hungarian rule; became part of the province of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1878), which was a constituent republic of Yugoslavia (1946–92)
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(ˌhɛr tsə goʊˈvi nə)

a historic region in S Europe: now part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbo-Croatian, Hercegovina.
Her`ze•go•vi′ni•an, adj., n.
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KomA!ic emphasizes that Bosnians and Herzegovinians are tolerant people and that in our country people can live their own way and how they choose, and this also includes the LGBTIQ community.
Among the empire's Slavic citizens, hatreds also simmered: the so-called Catholic and Protestant "Western Slavs"--Czechs, Slovaks and Poles--looked down upon the Orthodox and Muslim "Southern Slavs"--Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, Albanians and Herzegovinians, while everyone distrusted the empire's Jewish, Ukrainian, and Italian communities.
Position III is common among Bosnian and Herzegovinians (Voljevica et al.) and Brazilians (Chu et al.); while PIV is common among North Indians (Budhiraja et al.), Tanzanian (Fabian), South Andra Indians (Sankar et al.), South Indians (Udhaya et al.) and Nigerians (Eboh & Oliseh).
Kennelly said that evidence suggesting that the city of Des Plaines, Ill., discriminated against the Society of American Bosnians and Herzegovinians, a local Sufi Muslim congregation, was strong enough for them to take their fight to trial.
Then there was a leavening of Albanians, Bessara bians, Bosnians, Bulgars, Moldavians, Montenegrins, Herzegovinians, Turks, and other diverse nationalities.
Such sentiments toward the Herzegovinians are typical in the rest of Yugoslavia.
Crushed and melted in their iron embrace, Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Macedonians, Montenegrins, Bosnians, Herzegovinians, Albanians, etc.
"Nearly two million Bosnians and Herzegovinians live and work successfully in the diaspora.
As modern Kosovans, like other nations from former Yugoslavia, fall into this racial classification, it is believed by the researchers that Kosovan adults might be equally tall or at least a little bit shorter than the tallest populations in the Europe (Popovic, 2016), harmonious with the Bosnian and Herzegovinians (boys: 183.9 cm; girls: 171.8 cm), Dutch (boys: 183.8 cm; girls: 170.7 cm), Montenegrins (boys: 183.21 cm; girls: 168.37 cm) and Serbians (boys: 182.0 cm; girls: 166.8 cm).
He added that BiH has always been and will remain Bosnian and Herzegovinians and multicultural and there will always be room for mosques, churches, cathedrals and synagogues in its entire territory.
My dear fellow Bosnians and Herzegovinians, I wish you a happy Day of Victory over Fascism and Europe Day with the message of optimism so that we welcome the next one with a status of EU candidate country,' wrote Zvizdic in his congratulations.
"The citizens of Mostar, like all Bosnians and Herzegovinians, in this way express solidarity with the citizens of France," said the representatives of the Center for Peace in Mostar and expressed their hope that this global tragedy will unite the entire world in support of the Notre Dame Cathedral reconstruction project, as was the case with the reconstruction project of the Old Bridge and the Old Town of Mostar, in a mission that united the donors from all over the world.