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Noun1.Heteranthera - mud plantainsHeteranthera - mud plantains        
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Heteranthera dubia, mud plantain, water star grass - grassy-leaved North American aquatic plant with yellow star-shaped blossoms
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Nesse contexto, a alelopatia em plantas de arroz tem recebido grande atencao desde que se identificaram cultivares de arroz com potencial alelopatico contra Heteranthera limosa (Dilday et al., 1998).
Floating rooted Onagraceae Ludwigia sp1 Submersed rooted Ludwigia sp2 Submersed rooted Ludwigia sp3 Submersed rooted Pontederiaceae Eichhornia azurea Floating rooted (Sw.) Kunth Eichhornia crassipes Free floating (Mart.) Solms Heteranthera multiflora Free floating (Griseb.) Horn Salviniaceae Salvinia auriculata Aubl.
S [Swamp Smartweed] Pontederiaceae Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill.
Acomplete nymphal development of this grasshopper on Canna indica, Musa paradisiaca and on the South African Pontederiaceae Heteranthera callifolia, was recorded (Oberholzer & Hill 2001).
Interestingly, most enantiostylous flowers are buzz-pollinated pollen flowers (Buchmann, 1983), such as Chamaecrista and Senna (Fabaceae; Gottsberger & Silberbauer-Gottsberger, 1988; Marazzi et al., 2007), Cyanella (Tecophilaeaceae; Dulberger & Ornduff, 1980), Heteranthera (Pontederiaceae), Philydrum (Philydraceae), Solanum (Solanaceae), and Paraboea (Gao et al.
Tennessee-listed taxa include one special concern (Schoenoplectus fluviatilis, river bulrush) and two threatened species (Stylisma humistrata, Southern Dawn-Flower, and Heteranthera limosa, Blue Mud Plantain).
Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd., neofito para la flora valenciana.
Allelopathic observation in rice (Oryza sativa L.) to ducksalad (Heteranthera limosa).
Beauv.) Fernald, Gnaphalium obtusifolium L., Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd., Juncus brachycparus Engelm., Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw., Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell, Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G.C.