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(Linguistics) (esp of the form of a word) irregular or unusual
(Linguistics) an irregularly formed word
[C16: from Late Latin heteroclitus declining irregularly, from Greek heteroklitos, from hetero- + klinein to bend, inflect]
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(ˈhɛt ər əˌklaɪt)

adj. Also, het`er•o•clit′ic (-ˈklɪt ɪk)
1. irregular or abnormal; anomalous.
2. (of a word) irregular in inflection; having inflected forms belonging to more than one class of stems.
3. one that deviates from the ordinary rule or form.
4. a heteroclite word.
[1570–80; < Middle French < Late Latin heteroclitus < Greek heteróklitos=hetero- hetero- + -klitos, v. adj. of klinein to bend]
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Les radicaux au sein de cette coalition heteroclite exigent prealablement des garanties securitaires ainsi qu'un dialogue sur les modalites pratiques de tenir des elections A que celles de 2015.
Elle se caracterise d'ailleurs par un conseil heteroclite qui n'arrive pas a saisir la portee des objectifs pour lesquels il ete elu.
The poem is itself formally heteroclite and polyphonic, moving through stage dialogue and short story modes, and lurching crazily from vicious satire to tender lyric in an arrhythmic heartbeat.
The heteroclite coalition, however, remained very fragile during the revitalization process, rifts emerged several times between the groups also several factions split or delegates to the peace process sacked.
One should not be surprised by the heteroclite nature of all these tax measures, considering that for years successive Lebanese governments have had no vision or plan on how to reform Lebanese public finances, except for the short period of the Hoss Government in 1999-2000 which produced a detailed fiscal consolidation plan for 1999-2004.
En resulte une forme assez heteroclite de rapports d'entrevues, tantot sous forme de quasi-dialogues, tantot sous forme de textes synthetiques qu'on sent revises par le temoin interviewe.
Syphilis does not change into alterity only the body of its victim, but, at the same time, it breaks up even the skeleton of Sacombe's text The three cantos (descriptive, pathological, therapeutic), footnotes, personal anecdotes, retaking the great myths (Adonis' myth, that of Diana and Actaeon), theatrical scenes, intertextual passages, various theories (venusalgia contains various etiological theories) and different polemics (mercury is a false remedy, the origin of the disease is endemic), medical correspondences, Biblical excerpts, pathological cases accompanied by rich stylistic devices, all in all contributes to the heteroclite character of the poem.
On trouve, dans ce descriptif, une selection heteroclite ne comprenant pas uniquement des << films d'amateurs >> (cette denomination n'est pas non plus explicitee) mais aussi des films de propagande nazie.
It is well-known that the AK Party has very heteroclite voters constituted mainly by voters sensitive to political Islam, Turkish nationalism and the traditional center right, to enumerate the main streams.
Evoquant "la crise" actuelle qui secoue le gouvernement, il a estime que cette situation est la consequence naturelle d'une coalition heteroclite, considerant que le depassement de ce blocage suppose la refonte du champ politique national qui devrait, selon son entendement, etre recompose selon des alliances claires et homogenes, loin des considerations "opportunistes".