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Of, relating to, or designating the belief or assumption that humans fall into two distinct categories, female and male, with complementary gender roles, and that heterosexuality is the normal or preferred form of sexuality.

het′er·o·nor′ma·tive·ly adj.
het′er·o·nor′ma·tiv′i·ty (-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.
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It deconstructs society's ideas of romantic love as heteronormative and monogamous and offers other ways of looking at love through stories of different eras.
Hoffman argues convincingly that nudism reflected the cultural limitations of sexual liberalism both in terms of its heteronormative assumptions and racial anxieties.
These sites of liminality--mirrors, windows, screens--are also passages to "another world," thus figuring ways out of heteronormative power relations and the models of identification associated with them, as well as pointing to new, self-transformative "queer utopias.
It made me realise that not enough films, even in the independent sphere, are pushing the envelope when it comes to interesting portrayals of female characters, or breaking the heteronormative stereotypes," Shrivastava said in a statement.
They argue that the norm of gender equality in Sweden builds on and produces naturalized, nationalist, heteronormative and cisnormative, and racialized attitudes, and examine the reality of equality politics and policies in relation to their implementation.
Viewing the Troubled Families Programme as part of the production of heteronormative order highlights how the policy remobilises and reconfigures older forms of colonial rule which work to demarcate between civility/savagery, the developable/ undevelopable.
This self-disclosure serves to disrupt heteronormative assumptions that prevail in schools (Hardie, 2012).
The judgement will strengthen our resolve to confront violence and abuse within our families, negotiate for property, inheritance and custody rights in our marriages, cohabit in congenial spaces, and perhaps even question the heteronormative framework of family itself, which is premised on heterosexual partnership as well as on kinship and bloodline.
Guy and I both ID as queer, which to us means explicitly rejecting heteronormative gender and relationship roles, from the division of housework to the assumption of monogamy.
Luke uses his signature style, patterns and motifs (panthers, alligators, blondes with big tits) to explore tourist culture, capitalism, female objectification, nostalgia, our society's white heteronormative notion of masculinity and good ol' fashioned Americana.
The colourful history of cosmetics, social pressures to attain heteronormative standards of beauty and a feminist rhetoric of choice mean that we cannot easily gloss over women's complex relationship with makeup.