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An organism that has different alleles at a particular gene locus on homologous chromosomes.
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(ˌhɛtərəʊˈzaɪɡəʊt; -ˈzɪɡəʊt)
(Biology) an animal or plant that is heterozygous; a hybrid. Compare homozygote
ˌheterozyˈgosis n
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(ˌhɛt ər əˈzaɪ goʊt, -ˈzɪg oʊt)

a hybrid containing genes for two unlike forms of a characteristic, and therefore not breeding true to type.
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Noun1.heterozygote - (genetics) an organism having two different alleles of a particular gene and so giving rise to varying offspring
fertilized ovum, zygote - (genetics) the diploid cell resulting from the union of a haploid spermatozoon and ovum (including the organism that develops from that cell)
genetic science, genetics - the branch of biology that studies heredity and variation in organisms
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List two compound heterozygotes that mimic other hemoglobinopathy and/or thalassemia conditions.
The centenarian heterozygotes did not have a significantly higher risk of carcinomas or cardiovascular diseases.
Recombination Chromosome Tester frequency Comments MA1 1[B.sup.PA] 4.38% (21/478) 6 of 11 in the distal segment MA2 1[B.sup.PA] 4.36% (15/344) 4 of 13 in the distal segment MA1 1RS.1BL 3.24% (13/401) Te1 1[B.sup.BE] 18.2% (91/500) 45 of 55 in the distal segment 1[B.sup.NE] 18.0% (65/360) 25 of 45 in the distal segment Male transmission of chromosomes MA1 and MA2 from heterozygotes with normal 1B was consistently reduced and ranged from 22.7% to about 37.5% (Table 2).
Hedrick and Parker (HP) observed a deficiency of heterozygotes for a MHC locus in a sample of Gila topminnows from Sharp Spring, Arizona.
Iron overload in HFE C282Y heterozygotes at first genetic testing: a strategy for identifying rare HFE variants.
One of ten samples was a A1A1 homozygote for mutated allele, three of ten were A2A2 homozygotes for wild type allele and six were A1A2 heterozygotes for mutated allele.
(4) About one in eight Europeans are carriers (heterozygotes) of HH, with one defective and one normal gene.
[13] compared clinical information from 131 individuals with homozygous expansions and 111 compound heterozygotes. Structural modeling and stability analyses were used to predict protein stability and protein interaction disruption of the various missense mutations.
This platform has been validated for genotyping by high-resolution melting (10, 11), including genotyping of heterozygotes by detection of heteroduplexes.
It would be particularly beneficial for animals with long gestation period to save the time required for breeding for the production of homozygote animals from the verified heterozygotes.