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1. (Placename) an oasis in W China, in the Taklimakan Shamo desert of central Xinjiang, around the seasonal Hotan River
2. (Placename) the chief town of this oasis, situated at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains. Pop: 114 000 (2006 est)
Also called: Khotan or Hetian
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Local media reported early Monday that a woman was caught on camera loitering in front of a hospital's maternity ward in Hetian, Xinjiang, before stealing the baby.
Men and women in the complex that has shipped products to Badger Sportswear make clothes for privately owned Hetian Taida Apparel in a cluster of 10 workshops within the compound walls.
KKR also mentioned that together with the launch of SinoCare, a a majority stake in a hospital management company HeTian Hospital Management Co has been acquired by SinoCare in China.
(N) 51720 Keping 79.05 40.50 51730 Alaer 81.27 40.55 51765 Tieganlike 87.70 40.63 51777 Ruoqiang 88.17 39.03 51804 Tashikuergan 75.23 37.77 51811 Shache 77.27 38.43 51818 Pishan 78.28 37.62 51828 Hetian 79.93 37.13 51839 Minfeng 82.72 37.07 51855 Qiemo 85.55 38.15 51931 Yutian 81.65 36.85 Table 2: The summaries of hydrological stations in the TRB in this study.
The expansion of Chinese territory and increase in foreign contact during the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) led to the import of materials such as nephrite from Khotan (Hetian), Xinjiang, jadeite from Burma, agate and crystal from the Yangzi river regions, along with lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.
(1) Markit Slope is located in the Hetian paleo uplift, which belongs to three large paleo uplifts in the Tarim Basin.
The goal of this study was to investigate the prevalence of HPV infection among women between 15 and 54 years of age in Hetian Prefecture in Xinjiang, China, to describe the epidemiological characteristics of HR-HPV genotypes and establish risk factors associated with these genotypes in this region.
Stories are also told how, in AD 440, a Khotan prince (today's Hetian, a kingdom on the rim of Taklamakan desert) courted and won a Chinese princess.
* Lot 121: A Very Fine Hetian White Jade Three Ring Pendant (High Estimate: $2,400)
According to a survey of 170 household of Hetian and Luohe counties of Uhr Autonomous Region, the ratio of farm field input to output was 1:45, the average ratio of input to output was 1:143 for the homestead garden ecosystems, 2 times higher than that of farming systems.