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 (hĕb′rŏn′, -rôn′, hē′brən) In Arabic Al Kha·lil (äl kä-lēl′, KHä-)
A city of the West Bank south-southwest of Jerusalem. Sacred to both Jews and Muslims as the home and burial place of Abraham and (to Jews) as King David's capital for seven years, the city has a history of Jewish-Arab violence. Hebron was occupied by Israel in 1967, but control of most of the city was transferred to the Palestinians in 1997.
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(ˈhɛbrɒn; ˈhiː-)
(Placename) a city in the West Bank: famous for the Haram, which includes the cenotaphs of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. Pop: 168 000 (2005 est). Arabic name: El Khalil
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(ˈhi brən)

an ancient city of Palestine, formerly in W Jordan; occupied by Israel 1967–97; since 1997 under Palestinian self-rule. Arabic, El Khalil.
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