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n. pl.1.(Zool.) Same as Anthozoa.
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Host heme oxygenase hcHO-2 formed a clade with Hexacorallia (bootstrap value of 44%; see white arrowhead in clade 1 of Fig.
Zoanthids (Class Anthozoa, Subclass Hexacorallia, Order Zoanthidia [colonial anemones]) are common in home aquariums.
Instead, the researchers placed it in a newly created order -- a classification equal to carnivoria in mammals or crocodilia in reptiles -- under the sub-class Hexacorallia, which includes stony corals, anemones, and black corals.
X Native Hincks, 1880 Bryozoa Stenolaemata Cyclostomata Crisiidae Crisia X X X Native Johnston, pseudosolena 1838 (Marcus, 1937) Cnidaria Anthozoa Hexacorallia Actiniaria Actiniidae Bunodosoma X X Native Gosse 1858 caissarum Correa in Belem, 1987 Cnidaria Anthozoa Hexacorallia Scleractinia Rhizangiidae Astrangia sp.