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n.1.(Chem.) Same as Hexylene.
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Dallas Plastics runs a wide range of LDPEs and blends of LDPE/EVA or LLDPE/EVA, the latter based on both hexene and metallocene technologies.
The GC-MS of the resulted gases showed that they entirely consist of Hexene, Butene, Octene and a few other hydrocarbon gases (mostly unsaturated).
Group 18's HeXeNe is also chemistry-related, referring to a class of chemical compounds composed of six carbon and twelve hydrogen atoms (though disappointingly, neither carbon nor hydrogen is found in Group 18).
A joint venture between National Petrochemicals Company (Petrochem) and Arabian Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Company, this facility has the production capacity for 3 million tons of ethylene, polyethylene, propylene and hexene.
The plant, due for completion in 2012, will be expanded by 50,000 tonnes to 235,000 tonnes, and will have its Spherizone process technology upgraded to use additional co-monomers such as hexene.
The HDPE is bimodal and has hexene as a comonomer to improve mechanical and environmental stress cracking performance.
gas) 34 Pentadecane 9 cis-2-Butene 35 1-Hexadecene 10 1-Pentene 36 Hexadecane 11 Pentane 37 1-Heptadecene 12 cis-2- Pentene 38 Heptadecane 13 1-Hexene 39 1-Octadecene 14 Hexane 40 Octadecane 15 cis-2- Hexene 41 1-Nonadecene 16 Benzene 42 Nonadecane 17 1-Heptene 43 1-Eicosene 18 Heptane 44 Eicosane 19 Toluene 45 1-Heneicosene 20 1-Octene 46 Heneicosane 21 Octane 47 1-Docosene 22 Xylene 48 Docosane 23 1-Nonene 49 1-Tricosene 24 Nonane 50 Tricosane 25 1-Decene 51 1-Tetracosene 26 Decane 52 Tetracosane Table 2.
The main components in pyrolysis liquid are pentene, pentane, hexene and such aromatics as benzene, toluene, C2 benzene, C3 benzene and heavy aromatics.
Frank Cannon, senior treasurer of PDI Plastics, a bag manufacturer, says polybags were originally made with low, density polyethylene resins, then linear low density hexene and super hexene.
5 mils, and was made of 90 percent Hexene resin, 8 percent low density resin, and 2 percent slip.
Novacor recently launched its hexene-based low-density polyethylene resin production with seven hexene grades.