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(ˈheɪ rɔf ski)

Jaroslav, 1890–1967, Czech chemist: Nobel prize 1959.
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Noun1.Heyrovsky - Czechoslovakian chemist who developed polarography (1890-1967)
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La voltamperometria se desarrolla a partir de la polarografia, un tipo particular de variacion de voltaje que fue descubierta por el quimico checoslovaco Jaroslav Heyrovsky a principios de 1920 [2].
Scientists have been able to make these RNA bases other ways, using chemical mixes and pressure, but this is the first experiment to test the theory that the energy from a space crash could trigger the crucial chemical reaction, said lead author Svatopluk Civis of the Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague.
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Heyrovsky Sq.