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 (hī′ə-wŏth′ə, -wô′thə, hē′ə-) fl. 1550.
Onondagan leader who, along with Deganawidah, is credited with the organization of the Iroquois confederacy. His name was given to the hero of Longfellow's poem The Song of Hiawatha (1855).


(Biography) a 16th-century Onondaga Indian chief: credited with the organization of the Five Nations


(ˌhaɪ əˈwɒθ ə, -ˈwɔ θə, ˌhi ə-)

the central figure of Longfellow's poem The Song of Hiawatha (1855).
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Noun1.Hiawatha - a Native American chieftain who argued for peace with the European settlers (16th century)Hiawatha - a Native American chieftain who argued for peace with the European settlers (16th century)
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His Hiawatha was a new book during one of those terrible Lake Shore winters, but all the other poems were old friends with me by that time.
No one guessed the quiet pleasure that lay hidden in her heart when she watched the girl's dark head bent over her lessons at night, nor dreamed of her joy it, certain quiet evenings when Miranda went to prayer meeting; evenings when Rebecca would read aloud Hiawatha or Barbara Frietchie, The Bugle Song, or The Brook.
Federal Railroad Administration awarded the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) a $25.7 million Federal-State Partnership for State of Good Repair grant (SOGR Program) to acquire new passenger rail cars for use on the Amtrak Hiawatha service.
Jesus Valdez, 20, of the 400 block of Cedar Street, was arrested Thursday evening after reports that he had burglarized a home Wednesday in the 300 block of Hiawatha Drive and taken a television, jewelry and $900 in cash, according to a news release from Lake in the Hills police.
A flour mill predating World War I will soon close on Hiawatha Avenue, creating a prominent vacancy along a major Minneapolis transit corridor.
Trent, Hiawatha Thompson Estes (1918-2003) and Tom Love were inducted into the Hall of Fame.
In 2015, Kjaer and a colleague were analysing a Nasa map of Greenland when they noticed an enormous circular depression on the Hiawatha Glacier at Greenland's northwest tip.
Since then it has been buried under the thick ice of the Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland.
Located under the Hiawatha Glacier in remote northwest Greenland, the crater is thought to be the result of an iron asteroid about one kilometre in size that struck the island at the end of the Pleistocene.
Content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming platform provider Broadpeak has teamed up with video delivery tech firm Inca Networks to provide Minnesota-based internet service provider Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC) with "a reliable and scalable IP video delivery solution."
(BSI) located in Hiawatha, Iowa, has been acquired by Minnesota-based independent insurance agency, North Risk Partners.
Espial has announced that Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC) a provider of high-speed Internet, digital TV, telephone, and commercial services in Minnesota and Wisconsin has expanded its affiliation with Espial to offer App-based IPTV and OTT services to set-tops, mobile phones, tablets, and streaming players including Roku, the company said.