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The Latin and poetic name for the island of Ireland.

Hi·ber′ni·an adj. & n.


(haɪˈbɜːnɪən; hɪˈbɜːnɪən)
(Placename) of or relating to Ireland or its inhabitants
1. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of Ireland
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Ireland


(haɪˈbɜr ni ən)

adj. n.
2. a native or inhabitant of Ireland.


nHibernier(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
I may here remark by the way--what I subsequently gleamed--that all the islands of Polynesia enjoy the reputation, in common with the Hibernian isle, of being free from the presence of any vipers; though whether Saint Patrick ever visited them, is a question I shall not attempt to decide.
The tin case, however, containing the important despatches for New York, was irretrievably lost; the very precaution taken by the worthy Hibernian to secure his missives, had, by rendering them conspicuous, produced their robbery.
FOOTBALL HIBERNIANS v FCI TALLINN 7pm MALTESE champions Hibernians are the seeded team in this Champions League first qualifying round tie but they are the first to admit it's the draw they wanted least of all, writes Steve Davies.
Gerald Wall, Hibernians Managing Director, commented: This is an exciting time for all the team at Hibernian.
The Wales international had hoped to escape to Malta to play for Hibernians FC for the rest of the season.
He was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and served as its President for three terms.
Division One's opening two games confirmed that last season's third-place FC Zeniths continue in good form, with an opening 3-0 win over relegated Grange Cons, who missed a penalty, and a 7-0 win at home against promoted Cardiff Hibernians with goals from Victor Nwihim (3), James Lyon(2) and Yannick Nebra.
Michael Cummings, who serves on the board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, called on Irish-Americans to put pressure on the British government to hold a Truth Commission in the North, and slammed Sinn Fein for signing the Belfast Agreement while holding out for a united Ireland.
Under-10 Red: AT7 Youth v Caludon Youth, Chapelfields Colts v Coundon Court, Christ the King v Christ the King Rovers, Ernesford Dynamos v Coventry Jaguar Youth, Finham Park Rangers v Firefighters Juniors, GNP Sports v Mount Nod Highway, Leamington Hibernians v Pro Santos.
Apart from the Hibernians in 1932 others included are the National Independent Order of Oddfellows (1931), the Grand United Order of Oddfellows (1933) and the Protestant Alliance Friendly Society (1934).
The Hibernians ordered him out of the parade and had him arrested because Jamerson was a disgrace to good family values.
The New York State Ancient Order of Hibernians honored MDC's chairman and CEO Larry A.