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Noun1.Hickock - frontier marshal whose adventures have become legendary (1837-1876)
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Or, as a friend said, until I once more looked like Wild Bill Hickock.
The film shows how the writer became interested in drifters Perry Smith (Daniel Craig) and Richard Hickock (Lee Pace), the two men arrested and charged with the murders of an entire Kansas family.
"Wild Bill Hickock was a famous lawman, gunfighter, and legendary gambler who was shot dead while playing poker.
In all my life-long research I've never read anything about Hickock using a cartridge revolver.--Duke
This preponderance makes the Prisoner's Dilemma the most studied of two-person two-choice scenarios, with its occurrence in nonfictional fiction appreciable to an informative degree, as the interrogation of the two suspects in In Cold Blood, Richard Eugene Hickock and Perry Edward Smith, affirms.
Today an international organization of 16,000 members in more than a hundred countries around the world, YPO got its start in 1950 when Rochester, N.Y., belt maker Ray Hickock invited 50 executives for lunch at New York City's Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Fine performances, too, from Timothy Swallow (Wild Bill Hickock), Sam King (Katie Brown), Rob Dixon (Lt Danny Gilmartin) and Will Phipps (Francis Fryer).
Hickock says every portion of this project will be monitored by state and federal authorities.
The hero of a hundred fights; collected stories from the dime novel king, from Buffalo Bill to Wild Bill Hickock.
Cody, Wild Bill Hickock, Wyatt Earp, and Bret Harte.
Jerry Hopper's all-action western stars Charlton Heston as Buffalo Bill Cody and Forrest Tucker as Wild Bill Hickock who set up the legendary Pony Expressmail route across America.
Lara Bolland plays Calamity, David Crawford is Bill Hickock, while Natalie Houghton is Katie Brown and Craig Jones plays Lt Danny Gilmartin.