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Be smart: Take pics of your passport and travel documents and save them under a hidden file on your phone or online.
Figure 3 shows the hidden file and directory identified by using proposed tool.
The girls thought that the pictures would vanish within seconds, but the boys exploited the auto-destruct feature, which could include taking screen shots, finding hidden file or even taking a picture of the phone with another phone.
Gauss is capable of "disinfecting" the drive under certain circumstances, and uses the removable media to store collected information in a hidden file. Another activity of the Trojan is the installation of a special font called Palida Narrow, and the purpose of this action is still unknown.
In April, two computer programmers--one a former Apple employee--announced their findings that Apple's iPad and iPhone devices collect users' location information and store it in a hidden file on the device for up to one year.
"According to iPhone Tracker's FAQ: "If you run it on an OS X machine that you've been syncing with an iPhone or an iPad with cellular plan, it will scan through the backup files that are automatically made, looking for the hidden file containing your location.
For instance, when an anonymous tip led the police to seize a DVD from a retired naval major's house, the initial report, Rodrick wrote, "found nothing suspicious on the DVD, but a subsequent technical analysis uncovered a hidden file with details of a plan to intimidate non-Muslim minorities through bombings and assassinations.
Citi Mobile iPhone banking app was accidentally saving information related to customer accounts in a hidden file on their iPhones," said Citi in an official statement released on Monday.
(Warning: Mac computers upload a hidden file to flash drives that users will need to delete before the speaker can work correctly.) $129.99, at
The worm W32/LiarVBA- worm hunts for removable drives such as floppy disks and USB memory sticks (as well as spreading via network shares), and then creates a hidden file called autorun.inf to ensure a copy of the worm is run the next time it is connected to a Windows PC.
Multple email-borne viruses are known to exploit hidden file extensions.
The program is stored as a hidden file, which you can prompt only with an access key and password.