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n.1.One who hides or conceals.
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Yet so unlike was she to vagrant hiders in general, that sometimes, as the day advanced, there was a bright fire in her eyes, and a quicker beating at her feeble heart, as though she said exultingly, 'The Lord will see me through it
You can remove the front cap, and replace it with a flash hider front cap.
It also has a Magpul MBUS rear sight and an A2 front sight, a standard M4 carbine handguard with a double heat shield and an A2 Flash Hider muzzle device.
Four (4) will come with the standard Sig516 flash hider.
This article presents an interesting pair of Plateau beaded buckskin leggings and hider (breechcloth) that belonged to venerated Yakama chief Jobe Charley and which appear in a number of old photographs, including the fine full-length portrait by Don M.
Next to him in the dock were his mother and father, Farouq and Safia Eshpari, and younger brother Hider.
Cody Hider had been arrested the night before for possession of heroin, and the district court judge gave the talk he gives too often to the seemingly countless addicts shuttled through the system.
QUIZ 1) Which hider has the most hideaways and how many?
A little over two years ago, sisters Anna and Julia Hider were discussing why all Civil War soldiers seemed to sport crazy beards.
Zack Hider, 19 days, needed surgery to repair a heart defect.
This new version of Wise Folder Hider comes with an optimized encryption algorithm and Enhanced filter function of anti- stealth that prevents third party software from unhiding files.