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n.1.One who hides or conceals.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Yet so unlike was she to vagrant hiders in general, that sometimes, as the day advanced, there was a bright fire in her eyes, and a quicker beating at her feeble heart, as though she said exultingly, 'The Lord will see me through it!'
Young off-spinner Mahedi Hasan also scalped three wickets while Abu Hider and Nazmul Islam bagged one wicket each.
The extra barrel length (mine has a faux extended flash hider, with a pinned and welded 15.5" barrel inside) has plenty of dwell time for the gas system.
The FBR officer, instead of preventing tax evasion, played the role of tax hider.
The FBR officer, instead of preventing tax evasion, played the role of tax hider. According to details, Act Pakistan Trust has been found involved in tax evasion worth Rs3.
Caption: SureFire SOCOM flash hider "permanently" attached giving 16" OAL for maneuverability.
In this portrait, Jobe Charley is pictured in a formal pose, seated against a plain backdrop, wearing eagle feather warbonnet, beaded buckskin jacket, panel leggings and hider, discoidal bead-strung loop necklace, and beaded gloves with a design of eagle, patriotic shield and US flags.
The other players return to the room and try to find it while the hider sits in the middle and watches.
The 5.56 front caps also have the options of flash hider and standoff, as the .30 ones did.
The 5.56 NATO rifle sports a 14.5-inch barrel with a pinned and welded flash hider to make the NFA16-inch minimum.
Daniel Smiley, Miss Ohio 2015 Sarah Hider, retired Air Force Lt.
Darlene Hider was traveling on Delta Flight 1576 last year with her husband and four children, including one sick infant, when a woman sitting in front of the family complained that Hider's children were disturbing her.