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n.1.A consecrated place; esp., a temple.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Family Species NP Dicksoniaceae Dicksonia sellowiana Hook 10 Dennstaedtiaceae Dennstaedtia globulifera (Poir.) Hieron. 12 Dryopteridaceae Ruhmora adiantiformis (G.Forst.) Ching 6 Thelypteridaceae Amauropelta recumbens (Rosenst.) Salino & 5 T.E.Almeida Hymenophyllaceae Crepidomanespyxidiferum (L.) Dubuisson & 5 Ebihara Dryopteridaceae Elaphoglossum sellowianum (Klotzsch ex 4 Kuhn) T.
AS HEM ROS Asplenium claussenii Hieron. TA HEM ROS Asplenium gastonis Fee SA EPF ROS Asplenium inaequilaterale Willd.
For its 13th year at BRAFA, Geneva and New York-based Phoenix Ancient Art brings a fine red-figure kylix or drinking cup, dated to 490-480 BC and signed by the potter Hieron, the refined painting ascribed to the vase painter Makron.
Choreographed by Arnold Chon, one of the industry's most knowledgeable fight coordinators in on-screen MMA fights, every fight seen is action packed, believable, and delivers with a “punch.” That, coupled with Beau Casper Smart's athleticism and acting performance, along with featuring some of MMA's best fighters - past and present, such as: Frank Trigg, Emanuel Newton, Matt Mitrione, Uriah Hall, Jay Hieron, and one of WWE's finest - John Hennigan (aka Johnny Nitro), makes Street destined to be on the top list of every fight enthusiast.
Rizogenesis in vitro a partir de yemas de Polylepis incana Kunth., y Polylepis pauta Hieron., con la ulterior determinacion de la especie viable para crecimiento in situ en la zona de Papallacta.
"Blue Bloods" Season 5, episode 1 "Partners" also featured Tanya Perez (Agent Martinez), Peter Conboy (New York City Police Officer), Chris Skeries (Office Worker), Noah Fleiss (Paul), Alex Ziwak (Undercover Detective), Jay Hieron (Ramon Sanchez), Ignacyo Matynia (Lacrosse Player) and Daniel Sauli (Siblano).
Table 1 Comparison of the fern treatment in Correll & Cornell (1982) and our current understanding Correll & Correll Current classification Selaginellaceae Selaginella eatonii Hieron. Selaginella eatonii Hieron.
In his use of leron (hieron), Kyd demonstrates that he is aware of its mystical, cultic, and hermeneutic meanings.
This was made visible through the inclusion of objects that once changed hands or traversed great distances in antiquity, such as the inscribed Etruscan helmet loaned by the British Museum that was taken as part of war spoils by Hieron I and dedicated at the temple of Zeus in Olympia following the defeat of the Etruscans in 474 BCE at Cumae.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Some months ago in this column I described the sad fate of St Hieron, GE[micro]reme's very own patron saint, who was martyred for his faith during Emperor Diocletian's persecution of the Christians in the late third century.