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(Biography) Eusebius (juːˈsiːbɪəs). the Latin name of Saint Jerome. See Jerome1
Hieronymic, ˌHieroˈnymian adj
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(ˌhaɪ əˈrɒn ə məs, haɪˈrɒn-)

Eusebius, Jerome, Saint.
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Noun1.Hieronymus - (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian Church whose major work was his translation of the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into Latin (which became the Vulgate)Hieronymus - (Roman Catholic Church) one of the great Fathers of the early Christian Church whose major work was his translation of the Scriptures from Hebrew and Greek into Latin (which became the Vulgate); a saint and Doctor of the Church (347-420)
Church of Rome, Roman Catholic Church, Roman Church, Western Church, Roman Catholic - the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
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NORWEGIAN artist Susanna has created an album inspired by the works of medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.
Among their topics are models and the practice of drawing in eastern Spain 1370-1450, following Bosch: the impact of Hieronymus Bosch's </diableries/> and their reproduction during the 16th century, virgin and child with the milk soup after Gerard David: series of paintings on the same theme after known models, copies of Raphael's mythological paintings in the collection of Cardinal Ludovisi, and </que se haga al modo y manera de [...]: copy and interpretation in the visual arts in Arag n during the 16th century.
Christiane Hieronymus, Head of Economic Cooperation & Development, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is expected to welcome the guests for the evening.
Though his output over the next few years was vast, it appears to have been almost entirely restricted to drawings and designs for prints issued by the prolific Hieronymus Cock, and destined for the flourishing international print market.
The birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and Hieronymus Bosch is still striking in its ancient and modern architecture, and undoubtedly can serve as a source of inspiration.
"The filly that finished second to me has since come out and won a nice race so the fhas worked out well, and hould have a nice chance ng weight off God Given." gan also has rides on hsheba Bay, Hieronymus conic Knight to look ward to on what could be a reakthrough afternoon.
(1) Comparing the destruction of Davids manuscripts to blowing the Hieronymus Bosch room at the Prado is a powerful, if curious, analogy.
Other mounted prints include masterpieces from the 12th to 19th century by Spanish painters Francisco Goya, Diego Velasquez and Bartolome Esteban Murillo; the Italians Titian, Sandro Botticelli and Caravaggio; the Flemings Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck and Hieronymus Bosch; the German master Albrecht Drer; and the Dutch master Rembrandt.
Hieronymus Bosch's triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" fits well in the universe of Valentino, given that the fashion house's feminine confections could be described in the same way.
Take a cue from Leonardo DiCaprio and present an art book with personal meaning --for DiCaprio it's "Hieronymus Bosch.