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 (hĭg′ən-sən), Thomas Wentworth Storrow 1823-1911.
American writer and soldier who led the first black regiment in the Union Army (1862-1864). He wrote many biographies, including volumes on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and John Greenleaf Whittier (both 1902), and edited the poetry of Emily Dickinson.
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Noun1.Higginson - United States writer and soldier who led the first Black regiment in the Union Army (1823-1911)Higginson - United States writer and soldier who led the first Black regiment in the Union Army (1823-1911)
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Now, unless the sandbank had been submitted to the intermittent eruption of a geyser, the Governor Higginson had to do neither more nor less than with an aquatic mammal, unknown till then, which threw up from its blow-holes columns of water mixed with air and vapour.
But this extraordinary creature could transport itself from one place to another with surprising velocity; as, in an interval of three days, the Governor Higginson and the Columbus had observed it at two different points of the chart, separated by a distance of more than seven hundred nautical leagues.
Higginson, and the outpouring of a psalm from the general throat of the community, was to be made acceptable to the grosser sense by ale, cider, wine, and brandy, in copious effusion, and, as some authorities aver, by an ox, roasted whole, or at least, by the weight and substance of an ox, in more manageable joints and sirloins.
Higginson enumerates, among the many felicities of his distinguished parishioner's earthly career, the happy seasonableness of his death.
Higginson, the minister of Salem, held long religious talks together.
Higginson, and some other good friends who I know do not want their names made public, were then raising a sum of money which would be sufficient to keep the school in operation while I was away.
Mr Higginson said: "Matt is a first-class retailer and brings a wealth of experience to the group.
ANDREW HIGGINSON has vowed to cut out the sloppy errors from his game after he went down to Mark Williams at the Betway UK Championship.
Bob Higginson, 61, threw open the doors to his ocean linerthemed coffee shop only a month ago.
But Bob Higginson, who opened the posh cafe a month ago, says dogs are welcome.
Opener Morris hit 78 and shared in a fourthwicket stand of 109 with Will Higginson (59 not out) as the Bay defeated Mumbles by six wickets at Penrhyn Avenue.
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