High art

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art which deals with lofty and dignified subjects and is characterized by an elevated style avoiding all meretricious display.

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The guide said that after Titian's time and the time of the other great names we had grown so familiar with, high art declined; then it partially rose again--an inferior sort of painters sprang up, and these shabby pictures were the work of their hands.
Do you think I'm going to let you hustle for wages while I philander in the regions of high art? Not by the bones of Benvenuto Cellini!
You all patter French more or less, and perhaps German; you have seen men and cities, no doubt, and have your opinions, such as they are, about schools of painting, high art, and all that; have seen the pictures of Dresden and the Louvre, and know the taste of sour krout.
As to the tobacco, she was perfect mistress of the subject; and her lighting of the pipe, with a wisp of paper, when the Carrier had it in his mouth--going so very near his nose, and yet not scorching it--was Art, high Art.
A decade renowned for its big, bombastic popcorn movies, the '80s is perhaps not best regarded - among snootier film critics anyway - for creating works of high art. And yet, as this excellent HOME season will surely testify, '80s films have endured in a way that most disposable junk does not.
We look forward to meeting the community at the Awards Reception," Palatine High art teacher Rachel Bartlett said.
Submissions open February 20th for High Art 2018, the world's only international art competition dedicated to cannabis as muse.
I'M not about to start telling Graham Norton how to do his job but it was a shame he spent so much time last Friday night indulging Cheryl Cole's claims that her chavvy tattoo is high art and her vain attempts to convince us that there will be real animosity between the judges on X Factor this year.
I'm sure the world of high art is holding its breath.
The High Art of the Low Countries BBC Four, Thursday, 9pm Andrew Graham-Dixon has been a bit quiet of late, but that's probably because he's been throwing all his energies into this latest project in which he's touring the Low Countries, exploring how history has influenced the area's art, architecture and culture.
One would hardly imagine them as high art. Mumbaibased Banoo Batliboi, a selftaught paper artist, has elevated forgotten books to the status of high art by folding their pages into evocative artistic shapes and giving them the innovative name -- book sculptures, or altered books.

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