high concept

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high concept

a. popular appeal
b. (as modifier): Baz Luhrmann's high-concept Romeo and Juliet.

high′ con′cept

a simple and often striking idea or premise, as for a story or film, that lends itself to easy promotion.
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The Moon Duo sound is built around Ripley Johnson's remarkable, fluid guitar and Sanae Yamada's Nuggetsmeets-Conny Plank keyboards and the album adds a little more electronics than usual and also throws in some high concept darkness to boot (as borne out by titles like Cold Fear and The Death Set).
At first glance Ricki And The Flash seems to revolve around the high concept of Meryl Streep as an ageing rocker - and a pretty good concept that is.
Just hope that, as was the case with similar high concept fare like The Cube and 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow, it's not another paper-thin idea inexorably padded out to an hour's worth of viewing.
We're seeing a lot of high concept beers of late, but many of them don't quite hit the mark.
Part Two of the book is devoted to further describing six specific high concept and high touch aptitudes, or the "six senses:"
FLASHFORWARD FIVE,9pm This is the most talked about high concept show to hit our shores from America since Heroes, and it is wonderful stuff.
REPEAT CONCERNS High-concept series can get flashy ratings but often falter in reruns compared with more traditional dramas: Summer Firstrun reruns % drop HIGH CONCEPT Desperate Housewives (ABC) 10.
Less radical than some High Concept proposals by other competitors (Herzog & de Meuron and Bernard Tschumi were the two runners-up), Taniguchi held true to the bespoke, typically orthogonal architecture that established his reputation in Japan.
Editor Axel Alonso and Marvel staffers dreamed up the high concept of the gay gunslinger.
All three, obviously, were linear extensions of what happened in the 1960s--as Frum would admit in a moment if the high concept that this was not a standard anti-Sixties book didn't require him to pretend otherwise.
As the millennium approaches, everyone in the architecture world is searching for a new high concept, but no one seems willing to hazard what it might be.
One of the idea hubs was a 15,000-square-foot High Concept Design Showcase, which included a classic diner, an interactive computerized cosmetics department, an auto dealership and clothing store, an outdoors apparel store, an "image construction" concept store and an "Instant Retailer" computer program.

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