High living

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a feeding upon rich, pampering food.

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He was the son of wealthy parents, an only child, and had known such ease and cultivation and high living as wealth and taste were able to command in the mountain country of Western Virginia.
"They tell me, bowmen," said he, "that ye have grown so fond of ease and plunder and high living that ye are not to be moved from this pleasant country.
But I learned that the 'system' required high living; and, in short, to dispose of the system, once for all, I found that on that head and on all others, 'the system' put an end to all doubts, and disposed of all anomalies.
Harris was disagreeable after supper, - I think it must have been the stew that had upset him: he is not used to high living, - so George and I left him in the boat, and settled to go for a mouch round Henley.
But I doubt high living and high learning 'ull make it harder for you, young man, nor it was for me."
Guatemalans cited insecurity as their main concern, followed by unemployment, high living costs and corruption.
The general verdict: Kenya is headed in the wrong direction, with the top four issues being the high living cost, rampant corruption, unemployment and poor governance.
Transport costs will become increasingly more expensive, leaving future generations with astronomically high living costs and an unbearable climate.
Lovers of sea and surf in the lap of amusement and high living have found their mecca in Avara, a leisure nature and yacht club situated in Calauag Bay, Taytay, Palawan's first capital.
Macron began a national debate on Tuesday meant to quell protests against high living costs.
He was hit by a bicycle thrown by demonstrators during the protest against high living costs.
DBRS also points to the GNs challenges: heavy reliance on federal transfers, a small and volatile economy that lacks diversity, a geographically dispersed population requiring higher capital spending, and socio-economic challenges like chronic housing shortages and high living costs.