High milling

a process of making flour from grain by several successive grindings and intermediate sorting, instead of by a single grinding.
milling in which grain is reduced to flour by a succession of crackings, or of slight and partial crushings, alternately with sifting and sorting the product.

See also: High, Milling

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This will produce high milling demand products for the US specialties market.
5%), majority had over 15 years milling experience and the period of high milling was dry season.
Tests show the CDT dryer consistently achieves a three-hour cycle time at temperatures below 110 degrees F and produces high milling yields.
The harvested paddy is broken-free and is of high quality, which in turn gives high milling recovery and good quality rice for exports.
Lemont was the first high-yielding semidwarf rice variety that matured early and had high milling yields," she points out.
A horizontal bead mill with a new concept of self-retaining media in an active mill chamber with (8) large diameter EcoMizer agitator discs, which provide a bead flow improvement patters, allowing a high milling efficiency.
New for 2003, ZirPro introduces ZirStar, a high performance ceramic bead that provides high milling efficiency and high wear resistance at a very attractive cost.
In 5 yr of baking evaluations by the University of Idaho Wheat Quality Laboratory, Iona had a high milling yield (720 g [kg.
Speer) resistant cultivar, producing grain of high milling quality.
In 4 years of baking evaluations by the University of Idaho Wheat Quality Laboratory, Jefferson has a high milling yield, similar to Probrand 751 and significantly higher than Amidon, Westbred 926, and Westbred 936.

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