High steel

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1.Steel containing a high percentage of carbon; high-carbon steel.
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This almost 80-foot high steel artwork was designed by American artist Richard Serra.
Bionolillo joined the company in 2006 and most recently served as vice president and controller of High Industries Inc., which includes affiliates High Concrete, High Steel Structures, High Steel Service Center, High Transit, High Structural Erectors, High Construction Co., and Greenfield Architects.
"We are going to make sure we are working with employers so we give them the resources they need to do what High does right here to make the world better not only for High Steel but for every employee that works for them," he said.
62-inch high steel Post, or optional steel pole, with a built-in wire management.
Tool steels are classified under six broad groups: water hardening, cold working, hot working, shock resistance, high steel and special purpose.
CSC has also helped Taiwan to maintain a high steel self-sufficiency rate.
Gross margins during the quarter compressed by 346 basis points year-on-year to 10.45%, owing to multiple factors like high steel prices and the rupee deprecation against the dollar.
"RuBee has consistently met the most critical customer requirement of 100 percent accurate read rates for all assets, even in high steel content environments and high EMI noise environments.
Roach said he was suspended face down in a harness and wearing a crash helmet and overalls, as he charged down Zip World's 'Velocity' line -a mile long, 500ft high steel wire, which is set above a lake and an old slate works.
2.4 meter high steel |mesh perimeter fencing including entrance gates, Ellen Royd Clinic, Westgate, Elland.
Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has previously said the UK could give France the 9ft high steel fences used at the Nato Summit in Newport to improve security at the Channel port.