tightrope walking

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Tightrope Walking

See also acrobatics.

a person who performs aerial acrobatics, as a trapeze artist, tightrope walker, stunt flier, etc.
the art or skill of tightrope walking. — funambulist, n.
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Noun1.tightrope walking - walking on a tightrope or slack rope
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
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by Times News ServiceBeirut AKA High Wire Act movie poster
ON THE WEBSITE...TOP 4 THINGS TODAY ARE: 1 WATCH: A clip of spectacular footage of a high wire act walking across the funnel of the Duke of Lancaster ship in Flintshire 2 WATCH: Police are investigating after Colwyn Bay's Christmas tree was vandalised by yobs.
A high wire act that's all at sea GIMME, GIMME, GIMME A HOLIDAY TO A SECRET CROATION ISLAND PRESTIGE Holidays has expanded its 2018 offering in the Balkan country to include the unspoiled Adriatic gem where the Mamma Mia movie sequel is being filmed.
Previously titled 'High Wire Act', 'Beirut' focuses on a top US diplomat (Hamm) who leaves Lebanon in the 1970s after his wife is killed.
high wire act A replica Harry Ferguson monoplane has been suspended from the Victoria Square roof
THE SEVERN BRIDGE AT 50: A HIGH WIRE ACT BBC2, 7pm Documentary, marking the 50th anniversary of the construction of the ground-breaking bridge connecting England and Wales.
High Wire Act Radar Pictures, Brad Anderson Jon Hamm,
Indeed, the irony is that without Ferguson the American owners' precarious financial high wire act would never have worked.
Unlike last summer's high wire act over Niagara Falls, the 34 year-old did not wear a safety harness for the stunt.
One of the cables written in 2009 by Libyan Ambassador Gene Cretz commented that "mastery of tactical maneuvering has kept him in power for nearly 40 years however, the unholy alliance of corruption and cult-of-personality politics on which the system has been based is ultimately limiting." Cretz wrote that "Gaddafi has placed his sons on a succession high wire act, perpetually thrown off balance, in what might be a calculated effort by the aging leader to prevent any one of them from authoritatively gaining the prize," AL QUDS AL ARABI said.
The Fernandez family of Sudbury were first-time attendees of the Bolton Fair, and were impressed with the high wire act.
To get Celtic's debt down from pounds 35m to pounds 3m in five years while still giving them enough to stay afloat in the Champions League and win three titles is a high wire act Philippe Petit would be proud of.