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Adj.1.large-capitalization - of stocks of companies with a market capitalization of five billion dollars or more
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There are quite a number high-cap semiautos chambered in 10mm, but moon clips narrow the "reloading speed gap" on the revolver side.
He forecasted an increase in daily trading on high-cap companies in the premier market and surge in positive speculative movements Meanwhile, a member of the Board of Directors of Sorouh Investment Suleiman Al-Wageyan predicted that the market's liquidity would increase by 10 to 15 percent, thus enhancing the status of the market, which is now applying the internationally accepted standards in the financial markets.
Confiscated from his possession were one .45 caliber pistol; two units of Norinco .45 caliber pistol; four single stack magazines for a .45 caliber pistol; three high-cap magazines for a .45 caliber pistol; and 62- live ammunition for a .45 caliber pistol.
The highest loss in the month so far was recorded on Thursday when the benchmark index dipped below the 40,000-mark, following a significant loss of 1.06 per cent, amidst sell offs of high-cap stocks, leaving the Year-to-date return at 2.83 per cent, while Month-to-Date loss stood at 3.74 per cent.
The magazine reminds me of the old Savage Model 1907 from the turn of the century and its narrow-necked "first" high-cap design.
The 56-year-old associate broker with High-cap Group died last week, according to his colleagues at the investment sales firm.
High-Cap Accounts:Within AG49, the S&P 500 must be used to determine a product's maximum illustrated rate.
* Asia: Seven unicorns and high-cap companies (India, Singapore, South Korea and four for China),
I hear statements like, "I carry a high-cap magazine, why do I need spare ammo?" My response is something like this; "Most malfunctions are magazine related.
"We've had customers asking for a Nighthawk high-cap for quite some time," said Mark Stone, president of Nighthawk Custom.
New from Century are the N-PAP high-capacity and low-capacity semiauto rifles in 7.62x39mm, available with thumbhole stock and polymer handguard; wood buttstock and handguard; pistol grip, plastic handguard and stock (high-cap only); and plastic handguard and T6 collapsible stock (high-cap only).