a.1.Inflated, as with conceit.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But like the high-blown language of UN treaties that are "non-binding", the future of what some nutty pressure group is going to inject into our economy down the road is unpredictable and limitless.
Unforgettable River MANY rivers have I seen, both near and far Yet appealing as they were, none could ever stir Or part share the delight which always leapt in me At sight of the grey, oil-filmed Mersey Since moving witness of childhood's joy and woe To stand beside it on tip-toe Straining to see a broad-beamed ferry berth Then racing up its gangplank, as if to heaven from earth Waves in awesome tumult as it steadily turned With spumes of high-blown spray drenching The spreading wings of seabirds Strung like bunting over every crossing Many years have passed since last I did it view Had I known then what now I do Goodbye it should have been - not adieu But memories of its grey, oil-filmed surface Linger still, to always bring sweet solace by Lynne Munn, London
Then on July 7, Major General Hassan Firuzabadi, the senior officer in the Iranian military as chief of the Joint Staff of the armed forces, killed the high-blown rhetoric.
But after the Civil War, which defined the nation in such unforgettable terms, the Fourth became a national event, an occasion for high-blown rhetoric and sentimental memories mingled with all sorts of entertainment, not all of it serious.
His high-blown bling clashed with his future subjects recalling the gallants of the North Atlantic convoys, the Bevin Boys and, today, the Dam Busters.
When the perceptions are sharp and the writing witty, the insights of functionaries, replete with a lifetime of anecdote drawn from day-to-day labor, can be as intriguing as the high-blown tales of the Lawrences and Churchills of the world.
There is a huge difference between high-blown rhetoric about the need to cut red tape, bureaucracy and waste and spending cuts that could determine whether people live or die.
"The reality is that the noble words of so many high-blown declarations have been matched with a barbaric indifference to rights of the unborn."
He was not the choice of the critics on the high-blown papers, but Sheldon wasn't writing for them.
The official Korean Central News Agency announced the blast in typically high-blown fashion.
Washington specializes in high-blown ethical silliness of this sort, and I much fear another round of the same old posturing in the Abramoff case.
Dear Editor, - 'Could Tesco have saved Rover?' (Post, April 20) concerning the boffins and academics who come out of the woodwork with high-blown solutions is very true but, the big question is, why didn't this so-called Labour government save the company by nationalising it or taking a golden bond?