a.1.Having a high or noble spirit; honorable.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Captain Jim was a high-souled, simple-minded old man, with eternal youth in his eyes and heart.
Woe for the high-souled youth, with his dream of Earthly Immortality!
On foot, alone, undaunted, high-souled, with but a simple sword, and that no trenchant blade of the Perrillo brand, a shield, but no bright polished steel one, there stoodst thou, biding and awaiting the two fiercest lions that Africa's forests ever bred!
For verily Epaphus was the child of the almighty Son of Cronos, and from him sprang the dark Libyans, and high-souled Aethiopians, and the Underground-folk and feeble Pygmies.
Six Delaware girls, with their long, dark, flowing tresses falling loosely across their bosoms, stood apart, and only gave proof of their existence as they occasionally strewed sweet-scented herbs and forest flowers on a litter of fragrant plants that, under a pall of Indian robes, supported all that now remained of the ardent, high-souled, and generous Cora.
Miss Amy, I know very well that your high-souled brother, and likewise your spirited sister, spurn me from a height.
I think the poet desired to embody in this one picture the whole spirit of medieval chivalry and the platonic love of a pure and high-souled knight.
The honorific Mahtm (Sanskrit: "high-souled", "venerable") applied to him first in 1914 in South Africa is now used worldwide.
The former lawyer was nicknamed 'Mahatma', meaning 'high-souled' or 'venerable'.
According to the editorial, "much attention has recently been called to the doings of the various sects of Freemasons abroad by the sudden conversion of one of their high priestesses, Miss Diana Vaughan, ex-Grand Mistress of the Luciferians or Palladians." Taking Taxil's lurid narratives at face value, The Tablet reported that prior to conversion, Diana had tried to set up a more moderate reformed sect of Palladium Freemasonry--because despite "the strange perversion of mind by which an intelligent and high-souled woman dedicated herself to the worship of Lucifer," she was not blind to the "degrading character of the rites practised by her fellow-worshippers." (11)
He eschewed both the high-souled ambition of Hamilton and the provocative plumage of the Virginia gentry.
To counter accusations that the show was equivalent to a female cattle market, the Motleys introduced questions and answers of a high-souled if stilted nature about each girl's ambitions and intellectual achievements.