Puncak Jaya

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Pun·cak Ja·ya

 (pŭn′chăk′ j&ä′yə) or Car·stensz Pyramid (kär′stənz)
A peak, 4,884 m (16,024 ft) high, on western New Guinea in Indonesia. It is the highest elevation in Oceania.

Pun•cak Ja•ya

(ˈpʊn tʃɑk ˈdʒɑ yɑ)
a mountain in Irian Jaya, Indonesia, on W New Guinea: highest island point in the world. 16,503 ft. (5030 m).
Also called Djaja Peak. Formerly, Mount Carstensz.
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For someone who just became the first Arab woman to climb the highest mountain in Oceania - her sixth highest peak across six different continents - the mountains still continue to leave her in awe.
You don't conquer mountains, you just try and climb them if they let you," UAE based adventurer Suzanne Al Houby told XPRESS after climbing Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) - the highest mountain in Oceania, peaking at 4,884 metres.
The highest mountain in Oceania is Mount Cook, New Zealand.

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