High five

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1.See Cinch (the game).
2.a celebratory or mutually congratulatory gesture between two persons performed by each slapping the other's raised right hand. Also used as a verb.
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They highfive each other and he asks Mason how he is.
Interestingly, they also often have a deep admiration for ideals which actually are found in scripture - they would give Job a highfive or even a hug, they would encourage the Colossians to put on that overcoat of blood-red love, they would be blown away by the radical teachings of Jesus, the Good Shepherd and, if they could, would almost certainly have a selfie taken with him.
Froome even had time to highfive famous Tour fan Didi the Devil as they headed into Provence.
In that case, adding a product like HighFive (highfive.
Shan Sinha, chief executive of the video conferencing start-up Highfive, said his customers were discussing ways to save money over the coming months.
New entrants like Highfive, a video application that focuses on starting the conversation in the mobile device and migrating to room video systems as peripherals, used the WebRTC stack.
of the same day, fan girls and boys camped out at the MOA Arena to attend the 'HiTouch' event with BTS, an intimate type of fanmeet where fans will be allowed to highfive each member of their favorite Korean boy group.
She gave the fireman a highfive when he asked her and then she ran to look at a cat.
Tassler was even feeling good enough to extend a highfive to her competish: "We are enjoying success with new hit shows, as is ABC, as is Fox," she said.
He moseyed over to me, asked if I was having a good time, and offered a highfive.
For kids who love to dance, highfive, and jump around, Cranium Hullabaloo ($24.
With valid ID cards, junior or senior high school students can get $5 tickets to cultural events through any NYC or NJ Ticketmaster, or contact the HighFive office at (212) 445-8587 or their Web site at www.