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 (hĭl′ĕl, -āl, hē-lĕl′) fl. first century bc-first century ad.
Palestinian rabbi who greatly influenced the interpretation of Judaic law.


(ˈhɪlɛl; -ləl)
(Biography) ?60 bc–?9 ad, rabbi, born in Babylonia; president of the Sanhedrin. He was the first to formulate principles of biblical interpretation


(ˈhɪl ɛl, -eɪl, hɪˈleɪl)

c60 B.C. – A.D. 9?, Palestinian rabbi and interpreter of Biblical law.
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Noun1.Hillel - Palestinian rabbi and interpreter of Judaic law
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Second Division action saw MCL drawing 2-2 with Old Xaverians while Mossley Hill capitulated 4-3 at home to Sacre Coeur FP who had Celi, Hilel and Wells on target.
Ne en 1978, Said Katbabi s'est initie a la musique andalouse des l'age de huit ans a l'Ecole Nadi El Hilel Ettakafi de Mostaganem, avant de partir en France ou il poursuit sa formation a Paris.
May 20, 2016: Angela Brakatselos, Daniella DiMaggio, Sara Dorfman, Victoria Fernandez, Hilel Katanov, Mohammad Shahnawaz Khan, Marina Bardash Nebro, Gabrielle Segal, Jesse Seidman.
[beaucoup moins que] Les terroristes ont tout mis en oeuvre pour la proclamation d'un grand Emirat remplacant celui deja en place en Syrie comme le confirment plusieurs rapports de presse concernant le Aae plan Rakka II' au plutot le plan Aae Al Hilel' visant les pays de l'Afrique du Nord [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il souligne.
In September, 1769 the Board thought it "most proper" to call a meeting of the Yehudim who then voted eighteen to three that "Solomon Hays Manuel Josephson, Hilel Judah Judah, Barrak Hays, & Andrew Hays" were judged "to have Acted in Opposition, and tending to subvert the Laws & Rules made for the Good order, and Support of our Congregation" and gave these men one month to make "Satisfactory Concessions" or else "their names Shall be Eraised from the List of Yaheedim" with the loss of rights and privileges.
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DMS' head Shay Hilel has been named executive vice president of the iD NantMobile Enterprise Division, while other managers at the target are also seen to take key positions across NantWorks, the firms said.Country: IsraelSector: TelecommunicationsTarget: The Digital Multimedia Solutions (DMS) businessBuyer: NantWorks LLCVendor: Alcatel-Lucent SAType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
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UN Watch, a pressure group that monitors the organisation, has demanded for Falk's removal, with its Chief Executive Hilel Neuer calling him "a serial offender with zero credibility".
Indeed, Radio Tataouine won the golden prize for its serial "El Wakr", the national radio station won a golden prize for its historical serial " Ibrahim II" and Radio Gafsa a bronze prize for " Taghribet beni Hilel".
En lo personal, me gusta la interpretacion de Hilel sobre la Tora (el Pentateuco): "No hagas a tu projimo lo que odies que te hagan a ti.