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Noun1.Heinrich Himmler - German Nazi who was chief of the SS and the Gestapo and who oversaw the genocide of six million Jews (1900-1945)Heinrich Himmler - German Nazi who was chief of the SS and the Gestapo and who oversaw the genocide of six million Jews (1900-1945)
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In this autobiography, Martin Himler, a Hungarian immigrant who came to the US in 1907, describes how he rose to establish the Himler Coal Company, a worker-owned mine, and to found the Hungarian-majority town of Himlerville, Kentucky.
Rickettsia is found to be associated with improved fitness of whitefly by increasing its fertility, speedy development, more survival into adults and in increasing the population of females (Gottlieb et al., 2006; Himler et al., 2011).
Himler M, Hurcombe SD, Griffin A, Barsnick RJ, Rathgeber RA, McGillivray KC, et al.
Constructive books that deal with the aftermath of war are: Crew and Tan's Memorial, in which a Moreton Bay Fig tree, planted as a memorial to Australian soldiers killed in WWI is to be cut down by the council; Bunting and Himler's The Wall, which informs children about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial; and Briggs's When the Wind Blows, a graphic novel used mainly in high schools which tells the story of two victims of the nuclear fallout after the war.
We know we shouldn't judge someone by their surname, but in practice, how would you react if you were introduced to someone named Himler, Goering or Hoess?
In both treatments, knowing patient's weight and allergy information is extremely important for caloric, protein and fluid calculations and also prevention of possible hypersensitivity reactions to any of the treatment items (Himler, Rangiah & Bajorek 2007; Ziegler 2009).
Video, which taken in 1935, also show that that the legion members are shaking hands with the Hitler's Deputy Chairman Rudolf Hess, Hitler's Air Commander Chief Herman Georing and Nazi Police Officer Heinrich Himler.
Biologist Anna Himler, who led the research, revealed that the research team used a battery of tests to verify their findings.