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 (hĭn′dē-o͝or′do͞o, -ûr′-)
Hindi and Urdu, viewed as essentially the same language with respect to their grammar and core vocabulary, though widely divergent in their literary forms.
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'But due to colonial influences and emotive value of Urdu especially in the Hindi-Urdu controversy, Urdu remained the official medium of instruction in most of the institutions of Pakistan.
While one can hanker after the original, Sobti is well served by her translator Rockwell, who recently published a magnificent translation of Khadija Mastur's Aangan and followed her earlier translation of Upendranath Ashk's Falling Walls with its sequel In the City a Mirror Wandering, making her one of the most accomplished translators of Hindi-Urdu fiction into English.
Among their topics are the structure of complex predicates in Hindi-Urdu: evidence from verb-phrase ellipsis, on the nature of the Hindi infinitive: history as an answer to its syntactic behavior, main verb form in structures of ability/possibility in Hindi, impersonal expressions in Hindi-Urdu and phantom valents in Kashmiri, and discovering the Hindi grammatical tradition: historicity and second-language acquisition.
Hindi-Urdu Tanazea,Niaz Fatehpuri - Deeda Shuneeda,Aurat aur Funoon
Die indischen Muslims und die Hindi-Urdu Kontroverse in den United Provinces.
Similar was the case a century ago in 1860s, when under the cover of Hindi-Urdu language controversy, the same mindset demanded quota system in government jobs on the basis of religion.
In a revision of her 2011 doctoral dissertation at Ghent University, Verbeke examines a certain construction in the Indo-Aryan language Hindi-Urdu that has long attracted the attention of linguists because it is rare among languages in the Indo-European family.
This is why at the height of the raging Hindi-Urdu row before Independence, Gandhi ingeniously came up with the term called Hindustani to cool tempers on both sides.
Shah won over theatre lovers earlier this year with his Hindi-Urdu play Ismat Apa Ke Nm.
The group, led by scriptwriter, director and actor M Sayeed Alam, will bring to life Salman Khurshid's Sons of Babur (Hindi-Urdu) followed by Alam's KL Saigal (Hindi-Urdu) over this weekend while the next weekend will see Sons of Babur in English and Maulana Azad in Urdu.
Dubai, July 6 ( ANI ): United Arab Emirates now has a new Hindi-Urdu music station, Josh 97.8 FM which is based at Hayat.
She worked in many Hindi-Urdu movies of the 1950s, out of which "Andaaz" and "Awaara" were the biggest hits.