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Noun1.Hindu deity - a deity worshipped by the HindusHindu deity - a deity worshipped by the Hindus  
Hindooism, Hinduism - a body of religious and philosophical beliefs and cultural practices native to India and based on a caste system; it is characterized by a belief in reincarnation, by a belief in a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils
deity, divinity, god, immortal - any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
Aditya - one of 7 to 12 sons of Aditi; Hindu gods of celestial light
Ahura - (Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities
Asvins - (literally `possessing horses' in Sanskrit) in Hinduism the twin chariot warriors conveying Surya
Dharma - basic principles of the cosmos; also: an ancient sage in Hindu mythology worshipped as a god by some lower castes;
Garuda - a supernatural eagle-like being that serves as Vishnu's mount
Marut - any of a group of Hindu storm gods; offspring of Rudra
Rhibhus, Ribhus - one of three artisans of the Hindu gods
Soma - personification of a sacred intoxicating drink used in Vedic ritual
Vajra - Indra's thunderbolt
avatar - the manifestation of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in human or superhuman or animal form; "the Buddha is considered an avatar of the god Vishnu"
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Meet Sadique Miyan, 85, who has been serving as the priest at a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity
The Shiv Ling (an idol of Hindu deity Shiva) was present in all temples where people come to worship, he said.
The Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU) in Darbhanga district of Patna issued the admit card, bearing the photograph and signature of the Hindu deity to Krishna Kumar Roy, a first-year BCom (Hons) student of JN College, Nehera.
In April 2015, six lawyers filed a suit with the Agra district court claiming the Taj Mahal is a temple in honor of a Hindu deity and added that Hindu devotees should be allowed to worship inside the building.
Stretching exercise is cool, praying to a Hindu deity is not too cool.
On Thursday, Perry posted an image of Kali, a Hindu deity of death and motherly love, and captioned it with 'current mood.
Navratri, which means nine consecutive nights, is observed every year to pay homage to Hindu deity Durga and to celebrate Ram's victory over Ravana, a fight that symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
The iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi museum slated to open in 2015 will display a 10th century bronze statue of Hindu deity Lord Shiva, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority and Culture has confirmed to XPRESS.
Dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga, the celebrations will begin with a prayer at 6.
Media reports say, the temple of the Hindu deity Hanuman was set on fire by three men who had covered their faces and who were let in by the caretaker Darshan who was told by the men that they had come to offer prayers.
Rasheed Qureshi demanding withdrawal of commemorative coins of the denomination of ` 5 and ` 10 with the image of Vaishno Devi, a Hindu deity, embossed on them.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Netherlands; 2 A statue of a Hindu deity drawn on a giant cart; 3 Flashman; 4 The badger; 5 Wine bottles; 6 Margo Leadbetter; 7 It is the protective body shell of insects or crustaceans; 8 Berry; 9 Skiffle; 10 Queen Anne.