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a.1.Without a hinge or joint.
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The company developed the famous helicopter hingeless rotorhead without lead-lag hinges and blades made of composite material.
The pitch hinge of the XH-59A hingeless rotor is located at 5% R.
Yin and Xiang used the beam theory and quasi-steady aerodynamic model to investigate the aeroelastic response and hub load of a composite hingeless rotor in a forward flight [9].
And, just a few of its luxurious looks include high gloss copper accents, which reflect a hand-polished, jewelry-like finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge, creating the illusion of a hingeless design to offer an unmatched premium look and feel.
Recent patents for face applicators and dispensers include a twist-and-lock compact for airtight protection and a hingeless compact with a diaphragm closure.
The Eurocopter 665 Tiger is 13-metre four-bladed hingeless attack helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter, a subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautics Defence and Space) and issued by both France and Germany.
The secret to their incredibly thin and lightweight frames comes from high quality source material and progressive technology, resulting in frames that are rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless, with an overall reduced weight of more than 50%, in comparison to regular frames in the market.