Hip bone

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(Anat.) the innominate bone; - called also haunch bone and huckle bone.

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(which) affect the socket of the hip bone and are generally sustained after violent trauma, such as road traffic accidents".
He suffered a similar injury in 2013 which kept him out of action at least for a year and now again he suffered a similar blow in his hip bone again.
They (surgeons) had to break off a couple of bones in the hip bone, knee bone.
It turned out to be far more serious - and medical staff had to carry out a 'micro-fracture' of the hip bone to cure the damage.
Findings from studies of the bisphosphonates risedronate and alendronate, for example, show that therapy increases spinal bone density 5%-8% and hip bone density by 3%5% after 3 years in osteoporotic women.
Drinking at least three cans of cola a week--even diet cola may lower hip bone density in women.
He and his associates analyzed data from the 6,459-patient Fracture Intervention Trial and found that among women who lost at least 4% of hip bone density in the first year of treatment with alendronate, 92% gained an average of 5% of hip bone density in the second year of therapy.
Among women who participated in the study and who gained up to 4% of hip bone density in the first year on alendronate, 67% continued to gain an average of 1% bone density in the second year on therapy.
As a result, researchers concluded that while serum vitamin B12 levels were not significantly associated with calcaneal bone loss, low serum vitamin B12 levels were associated with increased rates of hip bone loss in older women.
Beth, 30, had surgery to fuse together two fractured vertebrae in her neck using a piece of her hip bone after hitting a barrier last week.
The study found that recruits who participated in load-bearing sports for four hours a week or more showed an increase in hip bone density of 1.3 percent.