Hip lock

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1.(Wrestling) A lock in which a close grip is obtained and a fall attempted by a heave over the hip.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Typically aerial silks involves foot lock, hip lock, drops, butterfly, flamingo and Arabesque forms and shapes.
Gynaeco-clinical examination explored a dry vaginal passage, expelled dead fetus's head hanging in vulva with compactly packed fetal hip in the dam's pelvic inlet and diagnosed as hip lock condition.
("The Coxswain That Comes in Your Mailbox") or rewrite an article about hip lock during calving for Country Ways.
However, in posterior presentation the occurence of bilateral hip lock condition is seen in ruminants and constitutes severe type of dystocia.
In which sport are hip locks and flying mares performed?
It feels as though my hip locked up considerably but I must now wait until I know more."
Draped in a pink scarf, hip locked to one side, Mandvi, in an early scene, morphs into Mrs.
"His hip locked but it's been an ongoing problem and something we've known about for a while.
However, the initially imposed hip flexion torque on the VCHM will cause the rod-side cylinder pressure to increase above a pressure threshold, [p.sub.1], keeping the valve closed and maintaining the hip locked against flexion.